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ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Single Frame Stories - Last Words

So I found a new challenge (how come I cannot resist such challenges despite a lack of time?) via Whiskey Shots' and Renoobed's Blog.

Single Frame Stories ... 1 picture + a given theme/phrase/word  = a story

This week's prompt is 'Last Words'

I had tons of ideas buzzing thru my pea brain ... 
but being in a bit of a bad mood ... I came out with this ...

'Come In'

kk ... maybe a bit on the darker side ... 
but hey ... I'm rather an optimist usually ... the sun outside does it's best to burn away the most darkening clouds ... and I think I can promise a much brighter post for sunday

oh ... and by the way ...
what could be your last words ?


Rudhmellowen said...

Think my last words would possibly be ungh nooo but then I have no idea how I would show that pictorially lol... I like the sound of this challenge but it seems like it would be a hard one as it could be so open to interpretation... I'll watch you do it but for now I'm gonna have to pass!

Shockwave Plasma said...

I like yours the most, because it's very dark.