ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes

ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 24

YaY ... I still got so many reasons to be grateful ... I I hardly find the time to post them ....
but one day ... one day ... I'll have all 30 posted ... promised ... lol
Today I pack several reasons for gratitude into one huge 

THANK YOU !!!!!!

YaY - the nice surprise ... and it really was a surprise that got me totally out of nowhere ... that my fav Hoochie kinda gave to me ...
I was kinda just a few minutes out of bed this morning ... had quickly prepared for my event ... and well ... dressed matching the Reefer Madness Event ... headed over to Sanctuary Rock where I was fighting my personal lag a bit, while enjoying the rest of the set of DJ Locke, a guest DJ that I loved to listen to in the beginning of my SL and SR days ... I perved around to check who I had missed greeting ... when I suddenly wondered where the heck my avi was ... I couldn't see any green hair on the dancfloor ... nor anyone who looked like me ... I saw Guen and UC and Locke and rainnlyn and quite a number of patrons ... and a grey bunny standing like a stupido near the place where I thought I would dance ...
wait ... why doesn't have that bunny a tag or a name on it ... why did I always see that stupid bunny with the ebil red eyes whenever I hit ESC ...?
Wait ... no ... please noooooooo ... that bunny was  ... ME !!!!

Now I gotta apologize  to Guen for not reacting when  she handed me the host tag ... I was desperately trying to get back into my real self ... while it dawned on me that I had been under the spell of the ebil Hoochie ... I had clicked a link she had sent quite some minutes ago (and I had wondered only for a sec why no browswer window had opened and blamed it on the lag ... lol)

Imdy ... me lubs you .. that was the most funny and strange thing I had when totally not expecting it ;-)

YaY - for the coolest club in Second Life .... Sanctuary Rock ;-)
- they made me feel quite old when they dedicated an event to me, cause I'm part of it for more than 4 years ... that's almost grandma in SL ... lol
it was the LOONY Avatar party ... such a matching theme ...  I simply had to go as burning matches ;-)

and look at that awesome huge smile that was UC ... and the tasty cup of coffee (or even tea) that was Guen ... and Santa Austin ... it was big fun ;-)))
-  we had an awesome week celebrating the 6th anniversary of Sanctuary Rock ... with guest hosts and guest DJs ... the Staff and VIP Auction (it was the expected disaster for me ... lol ... but YaY ... Lainey saved me) ... a DJ Battle (too bad I could only listen to those cool DJs for 1 hour before hugging my pillow) ... and a live band (unfortunately at a time where europeans like me usually sleep deep and happily)...
I think we will need a month celebrating the 10th anniversary in 4 years ;-)

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