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ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Monday, August 6, 2012

My first PhotoHunt Challenge ;-)

YaY ... what cool stuff you can discover by reading blogs ;-)

I first saw it on Carrie Lexington's blog ... and later on  Renoobed's ...
and it looked interesting ... so I tried it too ...

The PhotoHunt Challenge ... 
Starting every Monday 11.30am (SLT) and Wednesday 6.00pm (SLT)

A nice little group had gathered at the gallery ... we got a Landmark and a theme ... and exactly 1 hour time ... to shoot pics and and upload our fav one ... without any additional editing

The theme was 'Tranquility' and the LM lead us to Worlds End Garden, a beautiful little spot with strange geometrical stuff ...
that made me log off imediately, kick my poor son off his internet-connection so I would have more bandwidth ... and then log back in ... and aaahhhh and ooohhhh ... finally things rezzed for me ;-)

As I had already lost quite some precious minutes ... I didn't hesitate much ... tried 3 views ... decided for the 4th ... and spend the rest of the hour playing with windlight, shaders, shadows and DoF ... and in what felt like no time at all ... the hour was gone and my hd filled with pics I couldn't decide which to upload ... I actually wasn't very happy with any of them ... 
So I asked my poor son again, who was already waiting impatiently to get back to his gaming with a friend, for super fast help ... luckily we agreed on the same pic ... and ... voila ... my first entry to the PhotoHunt Challenge ;-)

when I looked at the other entries, I knew I didn't have much of a chance ... but I was there for the fun of it ... and I sure got that ;-)

I might not be able to take part every Monday ... but I sure will try as often as I can. ... and reserve bandwidth in time ... hehe ;-)

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pancake said...

I didn't recognize the avatar name when I was there, but I'm so glad you made it out. I hope to see you at the next one.