ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes

ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
Ze Party To Be ... Don't miss it !!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Z is for ...

Ziel = finishing line ... cause it's the end of Mir's alphabet challenge for me ...
Zappe = end (see above) 
Zappa = awesome artist (see/listen below)

YaY... tho it took me much longer than I thought (lazy me) ... I made it and it was fun (TY Mir) ... ;-))))))

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Y is for ...

you ... yes ... young ... and far more often is at the end ...
but not yet ;-)
my Y today is for ...
Yippee Kay Yay Motherfucker
you can listen to it in this cool vid more than enough ... *grins*
Oooooh ... Bruce Willis can be soooo coooool ;-)

or in a song by another french band from Lille that I sure want to see live asap ;-)
Tyson Boogie 'Yippee Kay Yay Motherfucker'
   Yippee Kay Yay Motherfucker by Tyson Boogie

Sunday, January 15, 2012

X is for ...

a lot of stuff ;-) ... like

laughing ... XD
kisses ... ;-x
love ... xxx
more love ... XXX
lots of love ... XXX)
heartbreaker X<>X

checking yes ... x
checking no ... x
checking anything else ... x
your signature ... XXX

being wrong ... xxx
being dead ... x_x


simple x
double XX
triple xXx

a whole bunch of aztec gods (as Dom told me)
Xipe Totec ... Xiuhcoatl ... Xiuhtecuhtli ... Xochipilli ... Xochiquetzal ... Xocotl ... Xolotl
or just

and for X music I chose Xtended ...
I had the pleasure to play with the drummer and the singer in some of the 3KS projects ...
those nice guys simply ROCK !!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

W is for ...

Weather ... Wet Weather actually ...
that's what we have around here for quite a while now ...
and last Saturday I had to ride my bicycle 11km through that damn wet (and stormy) weather late in the evening, just to see a show of Karaoke Till Death ... Punk/Metal/Rock Karaoke with an awesome live-Band, but it was worth it, had a lot of fun (listening only tho, I had my own kind of karaoke a week ago already, maybe I'll post about that later *grins*) ...
W could be for weeping too ... maybe when finding out that I was kicked off a friendlist ... but then again, I must admit I'm hardly online anymore ... and when I am online ... I hardly talk ... I'm not a good friend ... (but I didn't weep)
or when I packed my stuff at Namhae on Tuesday and left the land that was my home and mainstore for more than a year ... I ran out of L$, so I'm kinda homeless now ... 

but I didn't weep either, cause I didn't even care much tho I liked the place ...
the only thing that drove me crazy was my constant crashing that day ...
but well ... Here I go again.......

which brings me to my fav W Band? ... I was a hardcore Whitesnake fan once ;-)
... saw them live twice and loved it (guess I still do)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bye 2011 ... Hi 2012

So 2011 is successfully finished ... 
it was mostly a good year for me personally ... and there was no better way than to end it with a gig at a silvester party ;-)
Too bad that our drummer was sick as I really love playing with him, but he sent a great substitute ... and we had a lot of fun :-)

 hehe ... might be the only time that you can see me on stage in a long skirt ;-)

In 2012 I want to focus even more on music (starting with the 3KS concert on Thursday ... YaY) ... which prolly means on the other hand even less time for SL ... but a day unfortunately got only 24 hours ... and a lot of them are wasted on sleeping and working ;-) ...

I saw that Luna set up round 2 for the colour challenge ... 
I might try a nice colour now and then ... but sure not every week ... 
I even have to drop a shift at Sanctuary Rock from time to time (like today ... and I was a bit sad when I read UC's message that he wanted to play Toxic Waste during his Punk event, but I was still sleeping after the gig) ... and might give up my rented land ...

Atm I'm looking forward to some refreshing changes in my life ... 
so 2012 is welcome ;-)
I hope everyone of you will have a happy and great year