ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes

ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 2

It's been a normal workday today ... not much happened ... actually nothing happened

* ... Guess I'm grateful that I got work (even tho I'm longing for holidays right now)

* ... I enjoyed looking at co-blogger's posts again ... 
happy to see that Rudh joined the challenge ... and her dancing with Izzy made me smile ;-) ... 
and looking at Laila's holiday pics was cool too ... I love RL pics of ppl I know only via the virtual world ... it kinda makes a difference ;-))
and I love holidays ... hehe

* ... I'm thankful for all the electronic stuff that helps me spending my time with nonsense ... pc and camera ...
what would  do without them ... It would take ages to get pics done or even painted ( tho painting is on my to do list *grins*) ... but as I got a nice cam and a pc and not much to do before sleeping ... here's the result ...
erm ... do I have to be grateful for all my wrinkles? ... I guess so, tough work to get them hehe ...

* ... I'm glad my Asparagus, I bought for the 52 colours challenge last year, is still alive

* ... and everyday I'm looking at the Boulet I got from Dom and enjoy it ;-))
Hey ... did you notice I used Tea Green in those pics ... this weeks colour in the 2nd round of 52WOCC ?!?

* ... I didn't mention the weekend yesterday, did I ???!!!???
OMG ... it's WEEKEND at last ;-))))


Friday, March 30, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 1

kk ... I didn't blog for a while ... but I still look at blogs from other folks ...
and today I found an interesting challenge on Guen's blog ...
(and prolly originally started by Anubis Darkwatch)

30 days to write down the good sides of a day ... instead of complaining about what's been bad ...
well ... that might rather be more interesting for me than for anyone else ... but this blog sometimes is rather a kind of diary of a bad writer anyway ;-P
So today was a rather crap day ... what better reason to start with gratitude?

* ... cause rehearsal was cancelled today, I had more time to have a chat with my french loonatic, Dom ... who used spanish inquisition, the Fermi-Paradoxon, Cosmic Calender, Monty Python's Universe Song, Boulet's latest post, etc. to cheer me up ;-)

* I accidently have torn down a lot of stuff from a shelf in a supermarket, how embarrassing, but so what ... it gave a bystander something to grin ... kk ... now I can smile about it too ;-)

* and I had the most tasty Ruccola-Mozarella-Pizza when I got home in the evening ...

sorry nothing left now ;-)
(oups ... guess that's not really gratitude)

* and the last good thing for tonight: THANX it's almost weekend ;-)))

YaY ... now I'm curious what tomorrow will bring ...


Monday, March 12, 2012

52WoC-II - #11 - Aquamarine

erm .. well ... I actually had an idea for an outfit for Aquamarine, this week's colour of Luna's colour challenge Round 2 ...
I had even started do draw half of that outfit in gimp ... almost finished the shirt part and then ran out of time/got stuck/whatever ... and finally put it on my list for things to do when chicken grow teeth (as Dom puts it *grins*)

Anyway ... my shift last Saturday at Sanctuary Rock, with BLUE as event theme, helped me to still get a pic for this week ... erm ... kinda ... 
I'm sure there's some Aquamarine somewhere in the blues of my skirt ... erm ... maybe on the inner layers of the skirt ;-P ... one of my fav skirts actually ;-))

And even tho I was afraid of crashing, I was glad to have turned on fraps just in time to catch UC singing again and to put the cream topping on that gorgeous Sunday morning, he even played one of my fav songs from one of my fav bands ;-)))

So ... without further ado ... here's one of my fav DJs ... UC ... and one of my fav bands ... Toxic Waste ...
combined in one clip ... YaY ;-)))

ENJOY ;-)))

Saturday, March 10, 2012

YaY ... DJ Net sings too ;-)

yep ... after I had shown you some of my singing DJs ca. 2 weeks ago ...
I now can proudly present you


... singing ...

Net is doing the Friday midnights with me and always makes me wiggle/headbang/happy in the morning ... there's no better start into the weekend ;-)

And if you wanna join our headbangers ball ... and maybe bribe Net to sing again ... here's the taxi ;-))

and for now ... ENJOY

Sunday, March 4, 2012

52WoC-II - #10 - Avocado

YEP ... I thought I hop into the 2nd round Luna's 52-Weeks-of-Colour-Challenge as it's a tenner and I have a bit of a lazy weekend ;-P
NOPE ... no movie or any other co-operation with Rudh, unfortunately ... I didn't have enough time for that ... but I hope for some messing up my lil netbook with her help sooner or later this year ... still 42 chances left, right ? ... ;-)
YEP ... I like this colour ;-)
NOPE ... I don't like avocados ... yurgh
YEP ... there's avocado in this pic - check the pattern I used ... below ;-P
NOPE ... no avocado outfit in that pic tho, but
YEP ... there's me in that pic, even it might be hard to tell ... lol

I just LOVE stereograms ... and I'm happy that I found a site where I could do my own 3D-pic:
and you can do it too ... here:
to get the 3D-effect, you should click into the pic to enlarge it. Try to have no reflections on your screen ... and let your eyes cross, relax, dream away ... and wooosshhhh ... suddenly you can see the message (I hope ... lol)
well ... you can check the pic inside the pic here , in case it doesn't work for you ;-P


Today was the last time I had Erika as my reg DJ ;-( ... 
I had the pleasure to spend most of my early Sunday mornings (10pm-12am SLT/7-9am my time) with her ... for more than 3 years ...
and in the end she made me wet my keyboard today ...
I'm gonna miss her (and her giggling and singing and 'ehm-ehm's) ... 
but there's still the hope that she'll jump in for cover now and then ;-)
/me lubs ya, Erika ;-))

Yeah ... we once were the ebil rulers of the late weekend hours at Sanct ... *grins* ... Loony (me), Hoochie (Imdy) and Eat Me (Erika)