ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes

ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
Ze Party To Be ... Don't miss it !!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 18

yep ... that's me in the pic above ...
well my Battlestar Galactica Online character at least ... lol
My french LoonAtic, Dom, asked me to join him in the game he was just testing ...
I'm no gamer ... at least I usually don't play shooter ... 
and I'm miserable at any game-controls ... I can hardly walk in SL ... ;-P
So I had a bit of a hard time ... trying to get it working ... it actually didn't really work ... 
I mostly hung in the middle of the vast SPACE ... or simply got lost there ... like in this pic ... 

But the graphics are coooooooool ... and as long as I don't have to fight and can just fly around like a mad woman ... it's quite nice
So ... if you ever play this game ... and are on the Virgon-Server ... watch out for the Cylon 'LoonyMay' ... your mission could be in danger if I'm any near ;-P
so ... coming to a point (the only important point actually) ...
I'm super grateful for DOM to be my friend, no matter if we play, talk, listen to music, share silence or just do nothing ;-)

Monday, April 23, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 17

Well ... today's just been a normal workday ... and I'm grateful it's over ;-P
but I have to catch up with yesterday ... some more stuff to be grateful for ... 

YaY for DJ Ariana, who did a great job at the 10pm, even tho a guy in the club was giving her a hard time.
It was fun to have her spinning ... and if I got it right, she will be there next weekend too ... YaY

a double YaY for the midnight shift, which I couldn't resist grabbing because ....
Erika was the DJ ;-))))))))))))
Erika and Imdy ... almost like in the days of old ;-)
it was soooo cool to hear her giggle ... and sing ;-) ... again.
and of course I frapped it ... so I'll have one more clip of the category 'Singing DJs' soon ;-P
and I also enjoyed that Imdy, Seven, Poppy, Krista and others were around too ...
4 hours at Sanct passed away like nothing that morning ;-P

and a tripple YaY for those kind Co-Bloggers and folks who read and even commented on my posts ;-))
;-* kisses to Laura, Laila and Rudh ;-*
it means a lot to me !!! ... I know I've been quite lazy with comments lately ... spank me !!!
But  I still follow, read and enjoy your and other ppl's blogs ... and I'll try to kick my own butt to interacting more often ;-)

oh ... and a last YaY before I head off to bed ... YaY for yesterday's Marmorkuchen ... it was damn tasty ;-)))

Sunday, April 22, 2012

52WoC - #17 - Shuttle Gray

Shuttle Gray ... what a strange name for a colour ... but I love it strange ... and so I tried to give it a chance in Luna's Colour Challenge Round II week 17 
I wanted to do something totally different ... but the damn ATI card and the SL mesh upload agreed that it wasn't the right time for stupid ideas ... and so you just get the simple and fast plan B ...
and as my mood has it's UPs and DOWNs today ... you can see it in either way

Paint your world SHUTTLE GRAY

or COLOUR your life ;-)

and I'll be officially grateful again tomorrow ... erm ... I think ....


30 Days of Gratitude - 16

well ... looks like halftime is over ... even tho it took me a lot more than 15 days ;-)
But I'm an optimistic and positive kind of person ... and actually quite grateful everyday ... no need to write it down all the time ;-p
For today I'm grateful for tomorrow ... lol
I'm happy that I got the Medical Mayhem Event for my shift at Sanct ... one of my fav party themes
it gives me a reason to wear my Carnivore outfit I created ages ago (R.I.P. Peter) amd mix it with my blue lamp and my tiny syringe ;-) ... 

YaY ... I'll be poking folks to VOTE ... lol
and I'm glad I got Ariana jumping in as DJ cover ... cause DJ radio can be a pita ... lol

oh and I'm also darn happy that it's sunday tomorrow ... with a tasty coffee & cake time in the afternoon ...
mmmhhhhh ... wish you could smell the this freshly baked Marmorkuchen ...............
makes me hungry right now ;-)
So I'm better off to bed ... to make tomorrow come faster ... lol

Thursday, April 19, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 15

when I don't feel well all day long ... 
when I could sleep since the moment I woke up ...
it's not that easy to be grateful ... lol
So it's YaY for my bed and my pillow again ;-P

oh ... and I'm grateful that I had Silver as my DJ ... 

even tho it was only for a few events
until someone thought he/she had to complain about her talking too much and so she resigned from her DJ job ;-(
What a damn bullshit ... cause it was so much fun to listen to her ... 
I LOVE when DJs talk and laugh and not just announce the songs ... or even worse ... don't talk at all ...
I want to feel a human spinning ... And Silver did that in a kickass way
I'll miss her, but I hope she'll be around as a guest still ... at least when DJ Net is on duty ;-) 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 14

2 years now ... and still missed ...
but I'm grateful that his music is still around ;-)
Rock Heaven and Hell, Pete !!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 13

Just finished preparing my event for tomorrow morning at Sanctuary Rock 
with DJ NET spinning ;-)))  ... Warriors is the theme ...
and besides that I'm quite happy about the new events that will be coming up soon ...
I realized once more, how grateful I should be that I'm living in a rather safe and wealthy country, with just minor problems, compared to lots of other parts in the world.
Wish it would be as easy as the Hippie in me likes to see it ...
Make Love Not War ...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 12

YaY for this STYLISH dress ;-)

kk ... it's not exactly stylish ... it's rather a warning ... to stop eating that much chocolate ... lol
but HEY ... it's supposed to be Seashell-Peach, this week's colour of  Luna's 52WOCC II ...
and what's even more interesting, well ... at least for me ... it's my very first rigged dressed ... YaY
After lots of time dispairing over Blender and the trickiness of mesh ... I finally got a raw model moving along with my imported self ;-)
And I'm grateful for ashasekayi's great tutorials on youtube and also for all the help that can be found on the machinimatrix site

hhmmm ... maybe it would look better in red, what do you think?

oookaayy ... I guess it will need a lot more training, try & error, work and pain ... before I really upload my first mesh ...
but I have made a start ;-)))

Monday, April 9, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 11

I think, I give up squeezing several days into one post ... 
I just do them one by one, no matter how long it will take ... 
else I'd end up with higher maths and endless headlines ;-P

I've had a nice super long easter weekend ... 
could finally eat my first chocolate since weeks ...
was out for dinner with my mom ...
have Silver as my reg Saturday DJ now ;-))) ...
will get a new fridge soon ... 
and my almost grown up daughter insisted on decorating and painting eggs for easter ...

I'm definately grateful for all that ;-))))

Sunday, April 8, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 10

I'm soooo grateful that I had to defrost that darn fridge in the evening ... 
and prolly need a new one anyway ...
couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday evening ...

kk ... I'll try #10 again tomorrow ...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 7 & 8 & 9

kk ... I know ... I'm already behind again ... and I don't even have much of an excuse ...
it's been 
* ... one normal working day + damn housework ... I'm grateful it's over ;-)
* ... one long working day + a long rehearsal with the other band I'm in ... I'm grateful to be in both bands ... I'm grateful for music as such anyway ;-)
* ... one almost lazy day ... I'm grateful for any holidays right now ;-)
and today I spend quite some time checking bands that play at the metalfest in June ... 
looking at their clips on youtube was interesting ... and I even discovered a new band for me ... 
I'm really curious to see 'Powerwolf', a british 'psychodelic rock' band ... wow ... they groooooove
enjoy ;-)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 6

short, but no shorts ;-)

* ... YaY for the wonderful weather despite the forcast saying it would be rainy and nasty ;-)

* ... YaY for the fun at the rehearsal today ... actually that's a Double-YaY ... cause I'm very happy to be in a second band now ... it's really cool with those guys ;-))

* ... YaY for only 2 working-days left this week ... and then a SUPER LONG WEEKEND ;-)))

* ... YaY again for my bed ... I'm coming now ;-)))


PS ... oh shit ... just saw this is my post #400 ... and there's not even a pic in it ...
well ... guess I'll celebrate the #500 one day instead (if my pea brain doesn't forget ... hehe)

30 Days of Gratitude - 4 & 5

O.O ... yesterday I was so full of gratitude for my bed ... I missed posting in the evening ...
but as there had been more good things during the day ... I just write them down now ...

* ... it started with Silver doing another shift with me ;-)) ... so much fun  ... THANX ;-))

* ... even SL worked fine and rather lagless ;-) ... and I actually have enough gratitude for my poor dsl-connection, cause it kicked me off only 3 or 4 times without warning (could have been worse, right?)

* ... lazy sunday afternoon ...

* ... and I met this delicious lil friend ... loved it so much that I wanted to be ONE with it .... mmmmmmhhhhh

and today ?

well ... WEEKEND is over ... but ...

* ... it was a wonderful (slightly cold) spring day ... look what I found in our garden ;-))

* and now I will be grateful for my bed again ;-))


Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 3

* ... YaY ... for DJ Silver, who rocked my morning and lifted my mood out of the super laggy depths of SL
She was an awesome cover For DJ net, who is on holidays (mmmmhhhh ... holidays)
and guess what ... yep ... I caught Silver singing ;-))))

Next should be a duett of Silver and Net ;-P ... I wonder if I could get them into that *grins*

* ... YaY ...  for a lazy Saturday on the couch ... ;-)

* ... YaY ... for baking tasty muffins in the evening (mmmmhhhhh)

* ... YaY ... today I ordered tickets for the Metalfest 2012 in June at the Loreley ... Going to see Megadeth, W.A.S.P., Eluveitie, Blind Guardian, Kyuss Lives, Ensiferum, Moonspell, In Extremo and many more ... 3 days of DEATH to the EARS ... lol ... and the first time I have my son at a festival with me ;-) ... double YaY ;-))

* ... YaY ... it's still WEEKEND ... isn't it?