ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes

ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
Ze Party To Be ... Don't miss it !!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

52 Colours - #34 - Mauve

I wanted to do a quick shot for this weeks colour that Luna gave us ... MAUVE ...
cause my mind was totally blank on that one ...
QUICK !!! shot ... took me AGES !!! ...
cause I tried SHADOWS on the firestorm viewer I had just installed yesterday ...
apart from that viewer 2 look that I dislike so much, it works quite fine and fast for me and my lil cute netbook ;-)
But after enabling high graphics + shaddows and such ... it was just like ...
lil move ... waiting ... waiting ... lil move ... waiting ... risking a snapshot ... waiting ... waiting ... darn ... eyes closed ... next try ... waiting ... waiting ... waiting ... etc.
guess I won't do that too often ;-) ...
But I like tonight's pic tho ...

and I like this Mauve poem I found ... enjoy ;-)

Mauve Desert Rose
by Zahhar

here sprouted most unusually
from traveling seed
amid faint shade
of standing rock

the scorching sun blazed brilliantly
lands stretching arid
to horizon
dismal expanse
my home

somewhere beneath the dry cracked ground
were my roots allayed
and so i grew

weary travelers one by one
in times preceding
have ventured past
and still unseen
my life

amid drear desolation vast
days long scalding dread
nights freezing pain
my heart took shape

long seasons in succession passed
moon cycles swimming
resilience strong
through withered look
formed true

endlessly looking unto sky
forever reaching
comfort brooded
brewing slowly
soft peace

in great expanse of nothingness
my buds developed
and so they bloomed
for none to see
save god

next week it's Electric Blue which looks like Sky Blue to me ... lol ...
*sigh* ... hope we will get crazy colours like
Purple Pizzazz ... Razzmatazz ... Wisteria ... Outer Space ... Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown ... inch worm ...
one day ;-)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

52 Colours - Catching up - #29-31-32-33

erm ... I'm a few numbers behind the rest of you folks ... I know
so I do a cheating quick catching up post ...
with 2 colours still missing ... #28 - PINK and #30 - Ruby get an extra post each, cause friends are involved and I don't want to hide them under a heap of other colours ...
well ... actually those posts will
require a lot of work to be done yet anyway ... shame on me !!
So today it will be ...
#29 NEON CARROT ... #31 DENIM ... #32 JADE ... #33 MAHOGANY

and it's not said that it has to be all fashion, right ?
so I present you my very NEON CARROT light ... actually I like it so much ... I'd love to have it in RL ... lol
my DENIM jeans from Sanctuary Rock ... it was part of an outfit that staff got as a present at the club ... and I still love wearing it now and then ... altho my days at the club might be counted ...

my skin turned wooden (MAHOGANY at least) cause that's how I feel lately when I'm in SL ...
and then JADE in my eyes and the JADE pic from my 365 challenge pics (day 279), which I had made for my jaded friend ... so this beautiful colour connects me to a sad and helpless feeling, when I just don't know how to change his mind ... I so wish I could ...

and sometimes I'm jaded too ... like on that weekend when I couldn't go to Lille to see Toxic Waste ...
but so what ... I can simply hit anyone with another of my fav songs from their gig in Germany ... lol
Enjoy 'Kamikazer'

and next time Luna wants us to do MAUVE ... darn ... total blank in my head ;-P

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fab 50 Show Case !!!!

Darn that I live in Europe and RL keeps me from staying up late ...
cause tomorrow, June 16, starting at 4pm SLT ... there will be the
Fab 50 Show Case ....
where top items of the Fab 50 weekends will be presented in a show with models, dancers and magic ;-)

and I got the chance to choose to bea
utiful models to wear 2 LoonAtic Wear outfits ;-)))
In the pic you see the wonderful Canada Starbrook ... who gave my Angvil outfit with her accessories such an amazing extra touch ;-))

click pic to enlarge ;-)

And the lovely Monica Querrien will model my Peace-Army outfit ;-))
During the show case, every outfit presented will be available for 50L$ only ...
So grab the taxi and enjoy the show which will take place in a wonderfully prepared theatre ...

KizARMA -CAPA -Starstruck
You wouldn't want to miss a show that features entertaining dancers, free drinks, and waitresses to bring you cakes whilst seated.

Unfortunately I cannot make it to the event myself, cause I need more than 3 hours of sleep on thursday night, as I will be in my 1st 5km-run-event of this year ... wish me breath and luck ... *grins*

and if you watch the show case ... could you take a pic or two for me ... please?

ps ... no ... I haven't forgotten all the 52 colour posts I still have to catch up with ;-P