ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes

ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maybe ...

maybe ... it's because some sooooo cooool dumbies can wreck other folk's nerves and mood ...
maybe ... it's because even a job at the best club in SL can become a 'just get through it'-routine ...
maybe ... it's because I'm fed up with lag, my own typos and an open chat passing by so fast that, whenever I look up from typing, I lost track ... (no I don't say that's because of all that spam and gestures ... it's just slow me ... lol)
maybe ... it's because it's spring ... almost summer ... the sun is calling me during my shifts ... and sooner or later a warm evening spent in the garden with candlelight and friends will keep me from logging into SL in the evening ...
maybe ... it's because my Linden$ just seem to vanish into shop-rents and tips ... and as I will leave SL the day that my account shows 0L$ the problem might solve itself soon ... lol
maybe ... it's because I'm always hungry ... my french LoonAtic says that's the Bratworm ... lol
maybe ... I should get rid of all that electronic shit ... but then again ... what would I do without my daily dose of msn and french LoonAtic ... lol
maybe ... it's because my head is full of ideas ... but somehow it's hard for me to let them out ...
maybe ... I should just take a break ... and start something totally new ... or do nothing at all ... or finish all the books I started reading ... lol
maybe ... I should stop this stupid 'lol' ... *grins*

maybe ... I should get paid for blogging ... lol ... the more money the more I complain ... I'd be RICH ... *grins*

No need to worry that Mr SKULLFUCKING himself and his friends could take away any traffic from Sanct ... just look at our SMEXY management (Leetah and Veronica here) and staff and listen to our AWESOME DJs ... and you'll know why ...

1 comment:

Alvena Weezles said...

we were having fun until the idiots warped in.

sometimes idiots are just that, idiots. its idiots like that detract the fun from games, which is sometimes i really just prefer to play single player games, but then how would i meet new friends if i just played single player games :D

taking breaks from games are a good thing. it keeps you sane and in touch with the real world. if my rl partner never drag me off my pc every now and then i doubt that i would even stay sane (or am i o.0)

mmmm warm evenings in the garden with friends sounds so good, actually, screw friends, just make it warm and i'll be happy :P