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ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Monday, April 23, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - 17

Well ... today's just been a normal workday ... and I'm grateful it's over ;-P
but I have to catch up with yesterday ... some more stuff to be grateful for ... 

YaY for DJ Ariana, who did a great job at the 10pm, even tho a guy in the club was giving her a hard time.
It was fun to have her spinning ... and if I got it right, she will be there next weekend too ... YaY

a double YaY for the midnight shift, which I couldn't resist grabbing because ....
Erika was the DJ ;-))))))))))))
Erika and Imdy ... almost like in the days of old ;-)
it was soooo cool to hear her giggle ... and sing ;-) ... again.
and of course I frapped it ... so I'll have one more clip of the category 'Singing DJs' soon ;-P
and I also enjoyed that Imdy, Seven, Poppy, Krista and others were around too ...
4 hours at Sanct passed away like nothing that morning ;-P

and a tripple YaY for those kind Co-Bloggers and folks who read and even commented on my posts ;-))
;-* kisses to Laura, Laila and Rudh ;-*
it means a lot to me !!! ... I know I've been quite lazy with comments lately ... spank me !!!
But  I still follow, read and enjoy your and other ppl's blogs ... and I'll try to kick my own butt to interacting more often ;-)

oh ... and a last YaY before I head off to bed ... YaY for yesterday's Marmorkuchen ... it was damn tasty ;-)))

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