ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes

ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Those singing DJs ...

... aren't they gorgeous?!?
I heard Sundevildaddy sing ... UC enjoying everyone (damn, I usually miss recording him, cause it's early Sunday morning for me and the place is always packed, which means danger of crashing when running Fraps) ... Imdy performed the best song of the world ...
and today ... yay ... Erika did it again ;-))))
my Saturday morning (the friday midnight) was quite disastrous ... alarm rang too early, I had no DJ cause my new reg DJ Missy had an RL emergency, my recently pulled out tooth sent greetings from nirvana, mood was kinda at the bottom and crowd gone ... lol
Sunday morning was such a good contrast there ... lots of nice folks at the club, UC singing better than ever ;-), ltns Dylon and Bagor had stopped by, I crashed only once, I had Fraps ready (ty Imdy) ... and Erika did sing, well, tried inspite of all the giggling ... I so love that ...
/me lubs you folks ;-))

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