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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You wanna drive me mad?

... all you have to do is using my name as your display name ... *grins*

kk ... the feature isn't released yet and prolly nobody is interested in using 'Mayala Loon' as display name ...
But I really don't like the idea of display names the way they are planned now ...

italics are quotes from

Where else will my Display Name be shown, aside from above my avatar's head?
Your Display Name will be shown in various places including during transactions, in Friends lists, the CHOOSE RESIDENT window (also used when reporting abuse), and in chat. It is what other avatars will refer to you as inworld. So, choose wisely.

Choose wisely ... (insert sarcastic smile here ... or maybe desperate grin) ... I can already imagine the fun of having several ppl with the same name in public chat
who wants to click on every (display) name to find out who's bs your just reading ?

Which name will be used in local, private, and group chats?
You will mostly see Display Names but where it makes sense we will also provide the username as well. For example, profiles will show both. Local chat will show the Display Name and you can view a username when clicking on the Display Name. Instant messages will show Display Name and the username in the window title bar. For group chat, Display Name will be seen with the username in the participants list.

Arf ... as far as I remember from trying viewer 2, the chat windows are already a PITA ... but looks like LL loves big asses ... with room for big pain ... ;-P

Will usernames or Display Names be shown on my Friends list of Viewer 2?
Display Names will be visible in your Friends list because that's your friend's avatar's chosen name. Usernames are visible when you mouse over a Display Name. This is also true when hovering over a Display Name in other windows like CONVERSATIONS, including group chat.

I'm not sure if I will be save from having to find out who is who as I'll continue using the old viewer as long as possible ... but if I'll ever have to handle with changed (display) names in my friend list, those ppl will prolly be among the first to be kicked off it ... sorry

When I think of the many who change there look completely quite often, I can imagine the mess of frequently changing names ... and the more and more fading uniqueness in SL ...
not to speak of the grieving possibilities ...

but wtf. ... it's only 2nd life ... a game ... nothing more

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