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ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nomen est Omen ?!?

... at least this guy Dick Ix... (I refuse to call him a guest or a patron, cause that would insult our real patrons) proved today that he chose the right name for him ... and he was very close to be the first I'd ever asked to be banned ... lucky him he tp-ed out in time ...I can't stand when someone is talking bullshit about a 1st class DJ like Austin ... and trying to ruin everyone's fun ...
if you don't like the music somewhere , you better leave ... no need to show you are what you are named after ...

anyway ... besides that I had 3 really fantastic events this weekend ...
>> with Mirari sneaking into te stream while I was still searching for a DJ ... ;-P
>> Twilight daring to show up with the pants he had stolen from me ... but I got'em back ... *grins*
>> Cats keeping everyone happy and being the fastest greeter ever ;-)))
>> DJ Merrick making me almost dropping off my chair ... don't remember when I laughed so much during a shift ;-))) (and I laughed a lot lately)
>> DJ Austin ROCKING everyone (except Dick ... lol) ... and wow ... I so love his deep voice, his giggeling ... and his crazy facts ... got no idea where he collects that stuff from ... ;-P
>> and the fun crowd at Sanct ... who make it worth returning every weekend ...
/me hugs 'em all (except Dick ... *sniggerz*)

so here are some pics ... and you know what to do ... CLICK on them to ENLARGE

1 comment:

Cats said...

Fastest greeter ever? o.O. Better not let Tempest see this *lol*