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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My 7 SL Facts ... kinda

well ... I saw this on several blogs, like Rudh's, Dondo Dollinger's, Alicia Chenaux's, Deoridhe's, ...
but it was started by Strawberry Singh ...

You're supposed 'to share seven facts about your SL avatar or your SLife that may or may not be obvious to all your readers'

O... K ... ........ tho I don't have many readers, I thought 'Let's be a Lemming and try this'

Fact #1
I'm stuck with my first avatar since March 2007 now ... darn ... that's 6 years now ... I'm kinda OLD ..............

Fact #2
There have been several times where I was very close to quitting SL, due to some collisions with RL or rather some RL problems that extended into SL ... or maybe I was just fed up in general, but I guess that's pretty normal

I'm still here .. erm ... there ... erm ... whatever

Fact #3
I don't like shopping ... I'm not even into fashion ... in neither life actually ;-)
I wear the same outfit almost every time I log in ... same skin, same shape, same hair (with changing colour and punky version tho)
So I only shop when I don't have the time or the ability to create stuff for my events at SR or my pics and machinimas.

Fact #4
Even after 6 years in SL I still cannot walk, run fly or drive properly ... I walk into walls, fall from cliffs, run over ppl with all kinds of vehicles, crash planes, hang glider and flying carpets ........ but I swear, I'm not drunk ;-p

Fact #5
I love planning stuff for the place I've rented, but so far I've never completed any of my plans ... ;-)
a few weeks ago I moved to a new place (1024 m2) and a few days ago, I was able to rent the 2 neighbour parcels as well (512 + 1344 m2) ... so I'm proud to have 2880 m2 and 658 prims , beach and water for my silly ideas (YaY ... mirrors of SL, here I come) ... *grins*

Fact #6
I'm not very social ... usually I just stand on my parcel, messing with terraforming (desaster), stuff for pix and clips ... or preparing for my events at SR ... or worse, I just stand around while fighting with blender, gimp or power director or try to do a blog-post ;-)
I'm not into that family / relationship stuff ... and I usually just scratch my head about some dramas that I hear/read of ;-)
Funny enough, I love to host at SR, which includes some talking ...
But beware, when I'm in the right mood, it can be hard to stop my talking nonsense ;-)

Fact #7
Except for my appearance and my ability to fly,dance and teleport ... there's hardly any difference between SL-me and RL-me, I think.
So I see my SL just as a creative add-on to my RL ;-)

(extra fact: ... I'm a bad writer ... or rather no writer at all, please forgive me)


Strawberry Singh said...

It's going to be 6 years for me in May and I still cannot walk or fly straight, lol. It's definitely a skill that I haven't mastered yet. :P Anyhow, thanks for playing. Was nice to discover your blog and read more about you! <3

Rudhmellowen said...

There were things in the list that I actually didnt know about you in all the time that I've known you LOL... I love that you don't like shopping - it makes you stand out as an individual and that is something totally unique and brilliant about you honey!

Anonymous said...

I'm almost 6 years old, and while I can walk, I crash my cars quite often. I keep them just for show :D

And #5 is me also. Except for my first island parcel, which I finished and kept the same for 5 or six months, my properties have never been "completed".