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ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Proposing to Someone ... public in a club ...
can be kinda risky ... lol

guy*: I do wanna ask you something in front of all of thesewonderful people
girl*: should i be scared?
guy*: lol
guy*: maybe so
jester*: i would be
someone else*: me too
guy*: I cant hold back any longer..
guy*: Would you please make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?
jester*: Me? wellokay guy*
guy*: no
jester*: thats the cutest thing someone ever asked me though
guy*: please for the love of all thats good ill beg, plead and get naked right here
girl*: omg lol
jester*: me? naked?
jester*: okay
guy*: ill forever be your bitch girl*
jester*: forever in sl is 3 weeks yeah
guy*: jester* you could fuck up a wet dream
jester*: yeah lol mostly my own
guy*: I WILL convert to begging
girl*: awe...

girl*: Noooooo! need to
girl*: lol
guy*: no need to
jester*: she said no
guy*: no
guy*: :(
girl*: I didnt say Noooooo! lol
jester*: yes you did
girl*: Noooooo! lol
jester*: [1:44] girl*: Noooooo!
girl*: LMAO not what i meant
girl*: omg you guys are squashing his pride
jester*: sure ure a women when u say no u mean yes
girl*: lmao
girl*: welll in that case Noooooo! means yes
jester*: oh okay
jester*: *raise hands*
guy*: FUCK YEA!
jester*: okay continue
girl*: :)
nice patron*: Congrats, girl* & guy*
girl*: :)
jester*: grats! have fun! make it everlasting
jester*: or at least a month
girl*: ty lol
guy*: sheds a tear
girl*: hugs guy*
guy*: is now complete

(extremely shortened version ... ;-P ...)

well ... it looked like a happy ending in the end ...
and that's actually a propsal to be remembered ;-P
thanx to the Dutch corner in Sanct ... *grins*

oh ... and before I forget ...
Happy B-Day again to the sweet lil sixteen ... SHEN ;-)))

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