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ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Single Frame Stories - Critique

be glad you didn't criticize my cooking ;-)

I try to not have a problem with critique ... sometimes I need a while to use (constructive) critique for improvement (of whatever) ...
But I'm not often subject to (obvious) critique anyway... 
I don't see me as an artist ... I do stuff for fun and to waste time (which I don't really have) in a pleasant way ... 
and sometimes nice people leave nice comments about that ... which actually is not critique for me, but a nice ...and always welcome ;-) ... thing.
My french LoonAtic sometimes kinda does a critique thing when I show him what pic I'm just messing with (when he's in the mood for it) ...  and I love that he has an eye for some stuff I tend to oversee ... when he says his rare 'not bad', I already do the happy dance ;-)
Way too fast am I done with what I do ... plus I'm a lazy butt ... 
some (constructive) critique (and some butt kicking) usually is a good thing for me.
Soooooo ... I better stop my bla bla bla now ... I'm well aware I'm no writer either ;-) ... and await your critiques ... 
just don't critisize my bad cooking (like a certain someone did this evening) ... you know I hate cooking anyway ... ;-)
How about messing in the kitchen yourself or inviting me to dinner instead ;-)))))

ps ... some of the entries for the Single Frame Stories are definately quite ART ... check 'em out on flickr and blog

and enter your own Single Frame Story to the weekly prompt ;-))

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