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ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

52WoC-II - #10 - Avocado

YEP ... I thought I hop into the 2nd round Luna's 52-Weeks-of-Colour-Challenge as it's a tenner and I have a bit of a lazy weekend ;-P
NOPE ... no movie or any other co-operation with Rudh, unfortunately ... I didn't have enough time for that ... but I hope for some messing up my lil netbook with her help sooner or later this year ... still 42 chances left, right ? ... ;-)
YEP ... I like this colour ;-)
NOPE ... I don't like avocados ... yurgh
YEP ... there's avocado in this pic - check the pattern I used ... below ;-P
NOPE ... no avocado outfit in that pic tho, but
YEP ... there's me in that pic, even it might be hard to tell ... lol

I just LOVE stereograms ... and I'm happy that I found a site where I could do my own 3D-pic:
and you can do it too ... here:
to get the 3D-effect, you should click into the pic to enlarge it. Try to have no reflections on your screen ... and let your eyes cross, relax, dream away ... and wooosshhhh ... suddenly you can see the message (I hope ... lol)
well ... you can check the pic inside the pic here , in case it doesn't work for you ;-P


Today was the last time I had Erika as my reg DJ ;-( ... 
I had the pleasure to spend most of my early Sunday mornings (10pm-12am SLT/7-9am my time) with her ... for more than 3 years ...
and in the end she made me wet my keyboard today ...
I'm gonna miss her (and her giggling and singing and 'ehm-ehm's) ... 
but there's still the hope that she'll jump in for cover now and then ;-)
/me lubs ya, Erika ;-))

Yeah ... we once were the ebil rulers of the late weekend hours at Sanct ... *grins* ... Loony (me), Hoochie (Imdy) and Eat Me (Erika)


Rudhmellowen said...

YAY YOU ARE HERE!!!!!! Took you long enough to get in on this one LOL I cant see you in the pic but YAY *goes to stare at it*

Jasmine Ballinger said...

Can't. Take. Eyes. Off. Picture.


Sama Yalin said...

Welcome back :)

And I really can't tell if you're in that pic or not. I'm horrible with 3D pictures!