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ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time to play ... ?!?

I've been to Cologne yesterday .. with my family ...
we wanted to visit the gamescom ... '
the world's largest trade and media platform in the game sector' ...
and it started for us with an almost 1 hour traffic jam for the last 15 km ...
just to be told that, after we finally arrived, they had stopped letting ppl in for security reasons ...
thousands of ppl waiting outside in the heat ... and we had 2 very dissapointed lil boys with us ...
so we decided to take a walk into the city of Cologne ... find something tasty to eat ... and come back later ...
I wonder if they'll ever close Cologne for security reasons ... the town was quite packed too ... lol
In the afternoon we managed to get into the gamescom ;-)))
masses of ppl ... you could wait ages to play the more interesting stuff ... and my ears were soon beeping ... it was loud as a rock concert ;-P

and I got arrested by 2 troopers ... erm ... must admit 2 good looking troopers ... *grins*

but they let me go ... phew ... as I wanted to go to a small, kinda private, festival in the evening, where meeting long-time-no-see-friends made the day even better ;-)
I love weekends like that ;-))))

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Laila Laperriere said... looks like you had a great time! LOL! Hey...did you get to keep the handcuffs as a keepsake? I would have fun with those. (evil grin) =)

xoxoxoox Huggs