ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes

ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The RL-me that's kicking the SL-me Meme

... or something like that ;-)
well ... I'm enjoying RL and somehow neglect SL a bit ... and as I just realized ... neglected my blog too ... DAMN IT ... spank me !!!! 
... but not too hard !!!!!

So while being rather passive than active virtual-life-wise ...
I saw on a nice Meme Challenge (originally set up by Cara ) that fits this situation a bit ...
... and tho I did something similar ca. 2 years ago with the Answer with Pix Challenge , I 'm in the mood to do it again (even tho I dropped 4 questions, as I don't watch any television serials, I'm not into any sports, I like all seasons the same and darn, what's in a letter ... *grins*)

you know what to do ... click pic to enlarge ;-)

Favorite Color: all kinds of Green, but the darker the better ;-)

Favorite Flower: Roses, especially those rich smell

Favorite Animal: Cats and Snakes  so this is the perfect pic

Favorite Music: Rock, Punk, Metal ... well and at the moment I'm into bands from Lille (France), I guess ... like Burning Lady, Tyson Boogie and my absolute favs Toxic Waste, of course ;-) 

Favorite Book: all books by Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters was the first discworld novel I read years ago ... and I read them all up to now, I just love them ;-)

Favorite Movie: The 5th Element ... awesome movie ... tho I would actually put a whole list in here with Heath Ledger movies, The Watchmen, In Bruges, Life of Brian, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Payback, Die Hard ... and prolly a lot of movies that just escaped my mind ;-)

Favorite Hot Drink: Coffee ... and coffee ... and coffee ... and coffee ... and coffee ...........
Favorite Cold Drink: usually I drink water most of the time .... but if I had the choice ... mmmmhhh Cider .... mmmmhhh ... cold fresh cider ;-) 

Favorite Food: Cake ... and chocolate  .... and pizza ... and pasta ... and cheese-tomato-basilicum-onion-sandwich ;-)
Favorite Clothing: Jeans and cool Tees ... mostly band-tees, but this one I just bought is made by the guitarplayer from Turbowolf ... isn't it supercool ?!?

Favorite Number: 42 ... what else ??!!?? ... I mean ... it's THE ANSWER ;-)

Favorite Place: well, I like a lot of places, but as I try to pic one (kinda) ... in front of a stage in a cool club with a cool band playing  ... or even better ON that stage ... ;-)

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Favorite Fantasy Creature: The Reaperman ;-) ... well ... not that I want to meet him anytime soon ;-)
Favorite Hobby: Oh Bugger ... another one that needs a list ... lol ... bass, machinamas, messing with photos

Favorite Song: ... did I mention I need lists ?!? ;-) ... the fav song is usually depending on my mood ... but at the moment I have the album 'Trauma' by Toxic Waste on heavy rotation, therefore the album-cover is my pic of choice ... erm ... did I mention that Toxic Waste are my fave band ?!? ... *grins*

kk ... I see it's too tough for me to choose just one for most favs ... but ... so what ;-)


Laila Laperriere said...

I love reading these. I guess I need to do one to! xoox

Cara Olivieri said...

Love your responses! I just love the Fifth Element, too! Milla & Bruce, ftw!