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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Single Frame Stories - Driven / Surrender / Genius

o.o ... almost 3 weeks since my last post ... phew ...
how time flies by when you're captured by lots of RL work and other stuff, bad mood sometimes and automatic preparation for hibernation (must be that with all my tiredness) ...
So ... no,  I didn't fall into that hole from 'Depth Perception'... /me winks @ Nic and sends her a big hug ...
and to prove it ... here are my latest entries for Whiskey's and Botgirl's Single Frame Stories Challenge
(check out all the cool pics on the SFS blog and in the SFS flickr group)

This week's prompt is GENIUS

..... guess I'm already at Plan X or Y ... ;-)

and I'm sure ... somewhere deep down, maybe hidden in the right lil toe, is a genius in everyone ...
even in me ... kinda ... erm ... I hope ;-)

but maybe I gotta SURRENDER (that was last week's prompt)

it's the same every morning ... do I surrender to the alarm clock or to the sandman?

at least sometimes I'm DRIVEN (prompt 2 weeks ago) to find out

Driven by the fear to waste the precious spare time, got lost in a blurr.
'then draw' he said.
'kk ... I'll draw'
driven again

well ... it's late ... I better stope typing nonsense, cause I need my beauty sleep ;-)
and maybe I'll tell you in my next post, that I got Imdy back as my Reg Friday Midnight DJ ...
and sending a big THANK YOU to DJ Net ... it's always been a pleasure with him ... *hugs*

1 comment:

Nicandra Laval said...

ha you back ))) glad to she your work and read all)) i think you are beside a genius an artistical genius
Many deep layers i think when i see your first picture.Your
versatility is also what i like. There is much there up in your brain haha
hugs back Nic