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ToxicWaste ... Tyson Boogie ... Les Crevettes
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good News ;-)))

yeah ... just the way I like it ;-)))))

ok ... this will be a short post, cause I have used up all my time today for being busy ...
except for the 45 min I spent jogging thru the fields with hubby ...
and I still wonder why I didn't faint from smell there ... are farmers allowed to ruin fresh sunday morning/noon air ... *grins*

anyway ... here comes my collection of good news :
--- >> My fav drummerboy is back ;-)))) ... hope you didn't come just to pick up some
snow for the winter olympics in Canada ... ;-P
--- >> I got Erika back as my Sunday Morning (Sat Night) DJ ... whooooHoooo ... Let's shake our butts and bang our head ;-P
--- >> LoonAticWear is BACK @ Sanct ;-)))))) ... still need to add some deco and wrap some new outfits into boxes ... but it's open for official perving (and of course shopping ... *grins*)
--- >> and even another LoonAtic Wear store opened ... on a german sim ... even got an adress there : Bachem Street 10 in Foxis City
--- >> There is a Sale in both shops until the Official Opening with Tombola/Special Offers/gifts etc next weekend
--- >> it was a great morning ... erm midnight ... erm ... when Dylon, Erika and Imdy stopped by ... and Alvena and Cats ;-)) ... if lag hadn't just decided to hide chat for me now and then in a while ... just to shower me with lines I could barely read a few min later ... lol
--- >> and I got some pics for you ;-))

feels good to be back ;-)))

The new shop at Foxis City ... let's see if it works out ...

erm ... yeah ... actually our LineDancing looked a lot better ... even tho I couldn't stop stumbling over Dylon's feet *grins* ... damn ... just see that the ani is too big , so Erika and Imdy are dancing in Nirvana ... click pic to see all ...

Now I hope that not just depression, but good mood is contagious too ...
and I wave at Java and my french LoonAtic (shhhh ... I know what you'd
say now) ... and send a big hug

actually ... a big hug goes to all of you ;-)

PS: I forgot
--- >> 2 posts on 1 day on Boulet's blog ;-)) ... check it out !

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